I’ve been working here since I was 16. Back then, I just wanted money so I could learn to drive and some of my friends recommended McDonald’s as a nice place to work. They were totally right – I’ve made a lot of good friends here, plus the benefits are great!

I got promoted pretty quickly. Now I’m a part-time Manager while I’m at university – something which I’m really proud of. I can even choose different shifts to make sure I have time to study.

Jess, Shift Manager

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I started working at McDonald’s to earn a bit of extra money while I was at uni, but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay on after I graduated. I’ve progressed quite quickly since then. In my current role, I work with a few different restaurants and I actually get to travel quite a bit – meeting lots of new people along the way.

I’m based in a pretty rural location, so it was important to me that I was able to learn to drive. Getting discounted driving lessons through McDonald’s was a real bonus.

Gemma, Assistant Manager

I was offered a job at McDonald’s after I did some work experience there while I was at school. At first, I just thought it was a great way to earn a bit of cash, but a lot’s changed since then. First I was trained. Then I was promoted. Then I was promoted again. It’s made me realise just how much I can achieve.

Right now I’m preparing to start a Sign Language course at college, but I’ll carry on working part-time. After all, the benefits here are amazing – we get gift vouchers, days out and discounts. Plus Managers are really good at recognising when you’ve done a good job.

Jacob, Crew Member

I was offered a full-time role at McDonald’s when I finished college. I could see there was a great opportunity for me to grow and develop, plus I was having a lot of fun working there part-time already! Since then, I’ve progressed fairly quickly, and have been a Business Manager for the last six years.

In my current role, I can create a schedule that works around my life. I was able to do a degree in Business Management (McDonald’s even paid for my foundation year) and run my restaurant at the same time. I was recently offered a secondment as a People Manager, where I’ll get to coach and mentor other managers – something I’m very excited about.

Mianna, Business Manager

I started working here while I was at school – at the time it was just a great way to earn a bit of extra cash but still have time for my studies. But right from the start, my Manager was really supportive of my development and encouraged me to go for a promotion.

First I progressed to Crew Trainer, then I completed an Apprenticeship and even managed to come 2nd in Employee of the Year. From there, I worked my way up to Shift Manager – I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve.

Liam, Shift Manager

I worked in a McDonald’s restaurant for three years while I was studying, and a role in the Head Office was always something I always thought I’d like to try. So when I got the chance to apply for an industrial placement through uni, I took it. I was incredibly proud when I actually got the job – I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

I’m finding my placement really interesting so far. I’ve met a lot of new people and picked up some important experience. I’ll definitely feel more confident about my future when I go back to university for my final year.

Jade, HR Placement

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