I started working at McDonald’s part-time while I was doing my A levels. I think it was the experience I got doing that – training people and leading teams – that really strengthened my university applications. I’m studying to be a vet now, but I still come back to work in the holidays.

Outside McDonald’s, I’m really into music. I play the guitar and sing in a choir. We put on concerts, especially around Christmas time. But even when you add university and study into the mix, McDonald’s gives me the time and flexibility to fit it all in.

Katie, Crew Trainer

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I’m an energetic person, so I love the variety that comes with my job. I can be manning the grill one minute and serving customers the next – no two days are ever the same, which is exactly how I like it.

As well as working in the restaurant, I’m doing an Apprenticeship through McDonald’s. The qualification and the experience I’ll gain during training will help me progress in the future.

Naomi, Crew Member 

The fantastic training McDonald’s offers is the reason I got to where I am now. Even though I started part-time while I was still at school, I was able to progress to Manager within a year. Nowadays it’s me doing the training!

I really enjoy the lifestyle my job gives me. I’m totally happy in my role now, but it’s great to know I can progress through the company and, because I can work the late shift, still have time to see my friends too.

Hollie, Assistant Manager

For me, it’s good to have a job where I know I can progress and move up. I’ve already been able to do an Apprenticeship and I even won an Employee of the Quarter award. Being recognised by McDonald’s for my hard work was a great boost for my confidence.

I’ve got a big family and spending quality time with them is really important to me. It’s great that McDonald’s gives me the flexibility to move shifts around when I need to. And it means I never have to miss movie night!

Anthony, Customer Care Assistant

I’m currently studying Business Management at university, so I was super excited to get a Human Resources placement year at McDonald’s – it’s such a massive company. I’ve already got some great skills to take back to uni, plus I get to travel around and meet people from all the restaurants. It’s already been so good for my CV.

Carla, Corporate Industrial Placement

I used to be really shy. I left college after about six months and joined McDonald’s full-time. Since I started working here, everything’s changed. Being around friendly, supportive people has given me the confidence to be myself. On top of that, I’ve had great training, I’ve been promoted and I even got a crew discount on driving lessons.

Sam, Shift Manager

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