My job here really started with my sister. She used to be shy, like me, but when she started working at McDonald’s I noticed that she’d changed – she’d suddenly become really confident. It inspired me to join too and now I’m more confident than ever – I’m not afraid to raise my hand in class anymore and I’ve made loads of new friends.

I fit my job around my A levels at the moment. The plan is to apply to study Medicine at university and I think the skills I’ve picked up here – like problem-solving and working under pressure – will really help.

Kristy, Crew Member

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Being in front of customers has really helped me get used to speaking to people. It’s helped me become more confident and I’ve definitely become a more outgoing person. I’ve even joined a theatre group – now I love performing.

I’m at sixth form right now, but I’m able to fit my shifts around my studies. I want to go into teaching eventually and I know the experience I get becoming a Crew Trainer will put me in a great position for the future.

Alex, Crew Member

I didn’t really enjoy any of the other jobs I had after I first left college. A friend recommended applying to McDonald’s and I’m so glad I listened to them. Everyone here is really friendly and people like me for who I am. And being able to make time to do what I love – street dance – is a massive bonus.

Having a job I love has helped me become much more confident. It’s great to know that I can make a customer’s day and I’m looking forward to progressing through the company.

Aden, Customer Care Asssistant

I was offered a job at McDonald’s after I did some work experience there while I was at school. At first, I just thought it was a great way to earn a bit of cash, but a lot’s changed since then. First I was trained. Then I was promoted. Then I was promoted again. It’s made me realise just how much I can achieve.

Right now I’m preparing to start a Sign Language course at college, but I’ll carry on working part-time. After all, the benefits here are amazing – we get gift vouchers, days out and discounts. Plus Managers are really good at recognising when you’ve done a good job.

Jacob, Crew Member

For me, it’s good to have a job where I know I can progress and move up. I’ve already been able to do an Apprenticeship and I even won an Employee of the Quarter award. Being recognised by McDonald’s for my hard work was a great boost for my confidence.

I’ve got a big family and spending quality time with them is really important to me. It’s great that McDonald’s gives me the flexibility to move shifts around when I need to. And it means I never have to miss movie night!

Anthony, Customer Care Assistant

I first applied to McDonald’s because I’d heard they were a really flexible employer – I’m always busy, so that was really attractive to me. I help out at a local youth group, taking the girls on camping trips, things like that. I also volunteer at a swimming club where I help the kids learn to swim and I do a lot of charity bits and pieces. But because I can move my shifts around, I’m able to keep it all up.

I’ve done pretty much every role there is in the restaurant – I’ve been here for 12 years – and I can see myself staying here for a long time yet. The business is always changing, so it never gets boring. Plus I’ve picked up loads of skills I can use in my everyday life – I even do the accounts for my mum’s club!

Carly, Shift Manager

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