Finance and Accounting for Managers

Is an introduction to accountancy in a business setting. You’ll learn key terminology and how to read financial statements, how to develop a financial strategy and how to respond to unplanned spending. You’ll also start to understand what lending is available to organisations, and how to access it.

Sales and marketing

Provides an essential introduction to the principles and strategies involved in successfully running a commercial operation. You’ll learn how to read market research and interpret consumer behaviour, and the best ways to target the markets most relevant to you. You’ll also cover the development of good customer relationships, and innovation in product and service design.

Negotiated business project 3

In your third and final negotiated business project, you’ll work on a project that identifies and studies a business problem. You will analyse relevant data and present your findings and recommendations to a panel of key decision-makers. We’ll help you to prepare with workshops and discussions on the relevant skills.

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