Customer Stakeholder Relationships

The Customer Stakeholder Relationships module will bring you up to speed on the marketing and management strategies we use at McDonald’s to build and maintain our wide range of customer relationships. Whether online or offline, working with other businesses (B2B) or with direct customers (B2C), this module will help you understand the gaps between customers, suppliers, and ourselves, and the theories behind making the most of these relationships.

Operations management in retail

Is designed to give you practical understanding of retail management – like how to handle change, and the best ways of planning your delivery schedules. You’ll also look at how to increase sales through everything from promotions to store design, the idea of risk and how to manage it, and your legal obligations.

Negotiated Business Project 2

You’ll build on the skills you learnt in last year’s business project. You’ll produce a work-related project that enhances your collaborative skills and is evaluated to measure how you’re progressing. You’ll be supported by workshops that cover interpersonal and project-planning skills, and you’ll focus on discussions with customers and suppliers, as well as communication in larger groups.

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