Elliott, Crew Member

I didn’t have any expectations when I first joined McDonald’s – it was just a way to earn a bit of extra money during university. But, since then, my teammates have become my lifeline for support in and out of work – I’m even moving in with my best friend Beth, who also works here.

When I’m on shift, I’m always laughing and joking, which helps to take my mind off the pressures of university. The ability to work my shifts around my studies means I never feel overwhelmed – giving me every opportunity I need to succeed.

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The people are what make McDonald’s special. I’ve made lifelong friends here, and they’re one of the main reasons I’ve stayed so long.

When I started out, I was quite nervous, but I had a team around me who helped build my confidence. Now, I’m a manager, helping to guide others: I’ve developed leadership skills and I’m trying to be a role model for the people I work with. You can take those skills and apply them to all sorts of real-life situations – if someone needs guidance, I know I’ll be able to help them.

Joby, Shift Manager

I love the buzz of working at McDonald’s: I feel happy here, and excited about coming to work, which is the most important part of any job. Before I joined, I often felt nervous about talking to people face-to-face. But, as my experience has grown, so has my confidence. Now, I’m a much better listener and I’m more aware of my surroundings – skills I’ll need for life.

Janae, Crew Member

When I finished school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so my sister suggested I apply to join McDonald’s and I haven’t looked back. I started as a Crew Member and I worked my way up to Shift Manager, now I get to show others that you can build a successful career here. But it’s not all serious – we also have a lot of banter in store, which is a big part of supporting each other. With my team behind me, I’m now working towards my next promotion as an Assistant Manager.

Rima, Shift Manager

I was always a bit shy, but since joining McDonald’s I’ve really come out of my shell. I met my best friend Elliott here and now we’re always making our teammates laugh or our customers smile – usually with a song or a joke.

McDonald’s has become my home away from home – a place I can have fun with friends and still have the freedom and flexibility I need to succeed at my studies.

Beth, Crew Trainer

I started working at McDonald’s during college but I never expected to be here for seven years. Now, my job has become my career and the people I’ve met truly have become my support network. As I’ve moved up I’ve learnt a lot about management – like how to make decisions with confidence.

Outside of McDonald’s, I captain my local football team – I’m very vocal and always do my best to encourage my teammates. The skills I’ve learnt at McDonald’s have definitely helped me to understand what it takes to be a leader. Now, I make choices with certainty – at work and on the football pitch.

Ashley, Shift Manager

The best thing about working at McDonald’s is the customers. Here, you make people happy and they feed that happiness back to you. The people you work with are great too: as soon as I stepped through the door for my interview, I got positive vibes from everyone I met.

I’ve been here for a year, and I have no plans to leave. It’s not just the people: this job fits in perfectly with my studies. If I want to take time off for exams, my team are supportive and flexible. That’s because working at McDonald’s is all about treating people right.

Ashante, Crew Member

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