This job started as a bit of a stopgap – a way to earn a bit of extra money once the kids had left. But over the last six years, it’s become a career. I was promoted to Shift Manager, and I know I can always count on the support of my brilliant team.

In my free time, I love to meet up with my friends – we usually go to the cinema or out for dinner. But most of all I like to spend time with my daughter. I’m lucky that, because I can usually move my shifts to fit around my life, I can do it all.

Kim, Shift Manager

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Working in the restaurant gives me such a buzz. It’s exciting to be able to make an impact in so many different ways – whether that’s by managing the crew, helping out at the grill or organising fun days out.

Having a balanced lifestyle is important to me, so it’s great that I can have a social life as well as a job I enjoy. I work the early shift, so I’m able to make time to go out with friends in the afternoons or just enjoy an evening to myself.

Hazran, Second Assistant

I used to be really shy. I left college after about six months and joined McDonald’s full-time. Since I started working here, everything’s changed. Being around friendly, supportive people has given me the confidence to be myself. On top of that, I’ve had great training, I’ve been promoted and I even got a crew discount on driving lessons.

Sam, Shift Manager

I started working here while I was at school – at the time it was just a great way to earn a bit of extra cash but still have time for my studies. But right from the start, my Manager was really supportive of my development and encouraged me to go for a promotion.

First I progressed to Crew Trainer, then I completed an Apprenticeship and even managed to come 2nd in Employee of the Year. From there, I worked my way up to Shift Manager – I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve.

Liam, Shift Manager

I was offered a full-time role at McDonald’s when I finished college. I could see there was a great opportunity for me to grow and develop, plus I was having a lot of fun working there part-time already! Since then, I’ve progressed fairly quickly, and have been a Business Manager for the last six years.

In my current role, I can create a schedule that works around my life. I was able to do a degree in Business Management (McDonald’s even paid for my foundation year) and run my restaurant at the same time. I was recently offered a secondment as a People Manager, where I’ll get to coach and mentor other managers – something I’m very excited about.

Mianna, Business Manager

Delivering great customer service is the best part of my job. I’m from a very close-knit family, so I love being around people and, at the same time, letting people get to know me. Making people feel happy and making sure they have a good time makes me feel great.

This is definitely where I want to stay for the rest of my career – it’s like a second home. I know the team, I know the regulars and it’s always great to meet new people and build new relationships.

Rudolph, Customer Care Assistant

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