How do I apply for a vacancy at McDonald’s?

Either click on the 'Job search' page or on the ‘Job search’ button on the page of the vacancy you’re interested in. Select the role you wish to apply for, and if you’re new to our website, you’ll be prompted to register. If you’re an existing user, enter your email address and password. Once signed in, you can complete the online application form.

How long does the recruitment process take?

It depends on the role you’re applying for. As a general rule, the entire process of recruiting Trainee Managers will take between four and eight weeks. For Crew Members, the recruitment process will take up to two weeks.

How old do you need to be to work at McDonald’s?

You must be of school-leaving age (except for Student Work Experience opportunities). If you’re unsure what this means, please use the age checker in the eligibility section of the application form.

Is your online application process secure?

Yes, we ensure all personal information you provide is protected from unauthorised use.

You will be asked to register using your email address and a password known only to you. We will also use your unique email address to contact you regarding your application, so please ensure you check that your email address is accurate before you submit your application.

Can I apply for more than one vacancy?

Yes, you can apply for as many vacancies as you wish. However, we will only consider one of your applications at a time, so think carefully about what role you apply for and where you wish to work.

How long will it take to apply online?

It should take between 20 minutes to an hour to complete the online application, depending on the role you’re applying for.   

Why is my local restaurant not showing any vacancies?

All of our restaurants advertise their vacancies on our website, so if there aren't any listed this means they’re not currently hiring. You can set up notifications to tell you when a position becomes available in your local area.

What does ‘franchised restaurant’ mean in a job listing?

A franchised restaurant is a restaurant operated by a local business person trading under the McDonald's name. Currently over 70% of our restaurants in the UK are franchised but, from a customer point of view, there's no difference. For employees, there will be differences between a company and a franchised restaurant – those working in franchised restaurants will be employed by the franchisees themselves. Any further differences will be listed in the individual job details.  

What if I don’t have my own computer or email account?

There are a number of places in your area that have free public access to computers. Try your local public library, Jobcentre Plus or an internet cafe. 

Can I complete a paper application instead of the online application?

The short, online test is a key part of our recruitment process. So, in order to ensure consistency and the same experience for every candidate, we only accept online applications. However if you require assistance to create an account or submit an application, please contact our People Services on 0345 606 0321.

Where can I go to get support with completing applications and interview tips?

For support on how to build your employability skills, please visit the #GetJobReady site for great tips and advice. 


How long will it take for someone to contact me?

We aim to contact you as quickly as possible, which is usually within seven to ten days of receiving your application. We make sure to contact all candidates, even if they’re unsuccessful – so if you haven’t heard back, contact the People Services Helpdesk on 0345 606 0321 for an update.

What shall I wear to the interview?

Smart business attire is recommended. For example, a light-coloured shirt and dark trousers or skirt.

Remember that you may be working in the restaurant as well as having a formal interview, so please also adhere to our usual dress code:

• Flat, closed-in low-heel shoes

• No jewellery, except a plain wedding ring

• No nail varnish, false nails or excessive make up

If you are unable to comply with any of the dress requirements, let the restaurant know prior to your interview and they will provide you with a uniform.

You may be turned away from the interview and your application terminated if you are not appropriately dressed.

What documents should I provide as proof of eligibility to work in the UK?

We are required to check your eligibility to work in the UK before we employ you. You must be able to provide a valid passport or a valid UK visa (with a college letter, listing term dates, where applicable). Only original documents will be accepted. Some of our restaurants partner with NSL Checking so you may be provided with a secure link to upload your documents needed to confirm your right to work in the UK.

If I’m not successful can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again, but ensure you make a new application.

What are the pay rates at McDonald’s?

We ensure that our pay rates remain competitive.

All our hourly paid people earn above the national minimum wage, and together with our franchisees we have announced three pay rises since April 2016. We also offer a wide range of benefits, including holiday and sick pay, an Employee Discount Card that offers savings at over 1,600 retailers, and access to our industry leading portfolio of training and qualifications.

For more information, please refer to the individual vacancy.

What contracts does McDonald’s offer?

At McDonald’s, we offer our people a choice of flexible or Guaranteed Minimum Hours Contracts, whereby employees can choose between 4 and 40 hours per week.

We know that guaranteed hours don’t suit everyone and a large majority of our people choose to stay on their existing flexible contracts, valuing the ability to work around their other commitments.

However we recognise the positive impact that offering Guaranteed Minimum Hour Contracts can have on those employees who would like more certainty about the number of hours they work each week. That’s why we are pleased to offer our people a choice.

How often do I get paid?

This will be every two weeks for hourly paid employees and monthly for salaried employees.

What type of shifts will I be doing and how many?

Our restaurants open over a variety of hours, and over half are open 24 hours a day. Shifts are scheduled to suit you but also take account of working time legislation and business needs.

We are pleased to offer our people a choice of flexible or guaranteed minimum hours contracts. Those who prefer minimum guaranteed hours can choose to have a contract for 4 to 40 hours per week.

What should I wear to work?

One of the benefits of working at McDonald's is that you don't have to worry about what to wear to work! We supply you with a uniform and will provide you with guidelines on what’s acceptable whilst at work. 

Does McDonald’s promote its employees?

Definitely. We value talent and encourage employees to remain within our business. In fact, half of our Executive Team started in restaurants. There are no limits to how far or fast you progress.

What training is given to Trainee Managers and how long does it last for?

Everyone, from Crew Member to Trainee Manager, starts with the same development programme. But for Trainee Managers it’s a little more intensive. You then move on to the first level of our Management Development Programme, which includes various courses and lots of on-the-job learning. After about 18-20 weeks (depending on your skill level and how hard you push yourself), the Trainee Manager phase ends, and you start on your management training, which continues throughout your career with McDonald’s.

How do I sign in to my account?

You can sign in to your account by going to the ‘Job search’ page and finding the role which you previously applied to. At the bottom of this page, you will find a 'Sign in’ link which will take you to your account.

Why can’t I log in?

Check that you have entered the correct email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, please use the 'I have forgotten my password' link on the sign-in page. 

I’ve received a text telling me to check my emails, but the email hasn’t come through. What should I do?

This could be due to your email's junk filter re-directing our email. Alternatively, your email may have been entered incorrectly on your application. Call the People Services Helpdesk on 0345 606 0321 as soon as possible to find out why you have been sent this text.

How do I stop the Search Agent (position alert) emails?

Log into your account and scroll down to the Search Agent section. All saved searches will be shown here and you can edit and delete them as necessary.