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To be an apprentice here, you'll need to be able to work full-time, and have the right to work and remain in the UK for the programme (15-18 months). You must not be in any form of government funded education e.g. university or college.

With an apprenticeship available for every restaurant role, you can find the right one for you. Whatever your goal, we provide clear progression and learning opportunities at every stage of your career here. Every apprentice has the support of a mentor who'll be on hand to encourage and help you from day one. And with an impressive range of benefits on offer too, what's not to love? Take a look at our apprenticeship vacancies below to find out more.

A cheerful woman in a uniform with a yellow necktie hands over a paper bag, at a fast-food restaurant counter.

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[00:01] My name's Alysha. My role at McDonald's is

[00:03] a crew member and I've been at McDonald's about seven months.

[00:06] I seen that McDonald's did apprenticeships which as soon

[00:09] as you apply you feel really welcomed and it's

[00:12] gone really well so far. They give me like time off the floor

[00:15] to like do my work. It can get busy but at

[00:18] the same time it's nice having the experience in

[00:21] a busy work environment. My favorite thing about

[00:24] the program is probably when I'm doing the work off the

[00:27] floor. I get a lot of support with it and they obviously give

[00:30] you the tools that you need to be good at

[00:33] the job. So my advice for someone starting off on the apprenticeship

[00:36] side, so it would definitely be just go for it. Just

[00:39] put yourself into it and it's really definitely worth

[00:42] doing 100%.

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