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Career Resource Hub

Welcome to our Career Resource Hub! On this page, we’ve collected resources to help everyone, from 14-74 years, get job ready. You'll find interview tips, CV templates, and insights into different roles and industries. Whether you’re just getting into the world of work or need advice on your next step, take a look at the sections below.

A person in a white shirt and tie, smiling, helping two children order in a fast-food restaurant.

Get job ready

We created the Get Job Ready resource hub in collaboration with Youth Employment UK. This hub is a great way to build your skills, get ready for interviews, and explore your career options. If it’s your first ever job or your next one after retirement, come and learn more.

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Virtual work experiences

Our Virtual Work Experience programme helps you build skills and confidence. You'll prepare for a hospitality role in our realistic restaurant-based scenarios. And specially-designed modules will develop your employability skills. Join the programme below.

An employee at a fast-food restaurant holding a tray of food and a refreshing drink, ready to serve to customers.

Student work experience

Our Student Work Experience programme is available to 14–19-year-olds in full-time education. On this programme, you'll gain real-life work skills on a 5 or 10 day placement in one of our restaurants. Sound interesting? Come join the team.

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Taste for work

McDonald’s Taste for Work is our classroom-based programme for students aged 14-19. Our fun challenges and immersive scenarios bring the workplace to the classroom. So if you're a teacher or parent, this programme could help your young adults expand their skills.

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Why work here

We're always evolving to meet a changing world, and our core values and commitment to them define who we are and guide everything we do.

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Answering your frequently asked questions on our application process, our roles, and what it's like to work at McDonald's.

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