Worker in uniform at a fast-food counter with a paper bag, under a heat lamp.

Crew Member

As a Crew Member, you make it all happen. Whether you’re preparing food, serving our customers, or helping out in the dining areas.

Two employees in a fast-food restaurant, one handing over a tray of food.


At McDonald’s by choosing overnights you'll join an amazing team with camaraderie at its heart.

Two employees in a fast-food kitchen, one is handling a food station.

Customer Care Assistant

You'll track quality and cleanliness and ensure everything runs smoothly. In this role, you’ll work mostly in the dining area.

Employee wearing a white shirt, black tie, smiling at someone out of the frame.

Customer Experience Leader

You know what makes people happy and you'll go out of your way to make feel good moments happen. And you'll spot and quickly fix problems that may affect their experience.

An employee smiling with a high-visibility jacket, with their arms crossed, standing outside.

Maintenance Person

In this role, you'll always have stuff to do. From maintaining outside landscaping and painting, to rotating food products and more.

Three employees in grey uniform, sitting at a table chatting in a fast-food restaurant.

Shift Leader

As a Shift Leader, you'll support, coach and empower your crew to bring their best. Whatever work they do.

An employee smiling in grey uniform in a fast-food kitchen.

People Manager

You'll be a crucial part in implementing policies and enhancing employee experience. You’ll work to support and lead people across our restaurant teams.

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Tongs place a cooked egg on a sausage patty and cheese, all on an English muffin, in a busy fast-food kitchen.

Why work here

We're always evolving to meet a changing world, and our core values and commitment to them define who we are and guide everything we do.

A smiling fast-food worker in uniform uses tongs in a busy kitchen, standing in front of shelves filled with supplies.

What we offer

Flexible working hours to support balanced life and work together. Feel supported together. Develop new skills and experiences together.

Four colleagues are seated around a small table, smiling and laughing in a modern, bright office setting.


Answering your frequently asked questions on our application process, our roles, and what it's like to work at McDonald's.