This is my McDonald's.

Across the UK & Ireland, Franchisees are running many McDonald’s restaurants. They come from all walks of life, each with their own unique backgrounds. What they share in common, however, is the ambition, drive, and the love for people necessary to become a Franchisee.

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What we offer

Our training allows you to understand roles in the restaurant from crew member to restaurant manager. You’ll have access to a consultant, guiding you through the processes and supporting you through the training.  We have been awarded the British Franchising Association Franchise Support award 2017 in recognition of the way we support our Franchisees.

What you need

As a Franchisee you’ll need to make a significant up-front financial investment, which means having at least £100,000 in unencumbered funds. You’ll also need to demonstrate you can lead from the front and work within our framework to give yourself the greatest chance of success.

How to apply

Becoming a Franchisee is a long-term commitment. Which is why it’s beneficial that the application journey is a thorough and carefully thought-out process. The application process will move at a pace which is right for you. Attending a Franchising Event or viewing our Webcast is not mandatory to completing your application, but highly recommended to assist you throughout this process. For more information please head over to our McDonald’s website McDonald's Franchise - Become a Franchisee | McDonald's UK (