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Take your first leap towards leading and inspiring others. As you join one of our restaurant teams, you'll learn how our values shape our business and everything we do. You'll gain hands on experience of our operations in all key areas. From kitchens to service and customer areas. As you progress, you'll take responsibility of shifts and processes that make our people and customers feel valued, every day.

A man with a beard wearing a white shirt and tie stands inside a fast food restaurant.

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[00:00] My name is Jake and I'm a second assistant manager.

[00:03] My job role entails scheduling people and training.

[00:06] I have to make sure that everything is in place. I lead

[00:09] people to get great results for restaurants. Make sure that they

[00:12] are feeling safe in an environment. To become a manager

[00:15] or applying for McDonald's. You need to let your personality shine

[00:18] through. You need to allow yourself to grow and McDonald's

[00:21] will help you with that. To be a great manager. I believe

[00:24] that you need honesty integrity and strength. The

[00:27] confidence that I gained throughout work at McDonald's I've

[00:30] taken it into my personal life. I'm a much more confident person.

[00:33] I used to shy away from things and now I'm just I thrive

[00:36] for any task. It's so fun to work

[00:39] at McDonald's and as store specific, we are one big

[00:42] family.

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