Maintenance Person

As a maintenance person, you'll be a key part of our restaurant team. You'll ensure our building and equipment are in prime condition. In this role, you'll always have stuff to do. From maintaining outside landscaping and painting, to rotating food products and more. You'll also work with external contractors to make repairs with minimal disruption to customers.

An employee in a grey uniform standing and smiling in a fast-food restaurant.

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[00:01] My name is Lloyd. I'm a maintenance person and I've been

[00:03] working from McDonald's for three years. I've got two parts to

[00:06] my job, which is maintenance and making sure that

[00:09] the store is looking very tidy. I pressure wash most of

[00:12] the morning and I do the delivery. I enjoy the delivery because it's

[00:15] all hands-on. When we working at McDonald's everybody

[00:18] in my team. We are like the best of friends.

[00:21] We're all mates. It's really encouraging. The culture for

[00:24] McDonald's is like a one big happy

[00:27] family. The team is a very good team to work for I really

[00:30] enjoy it. I think it's the best job I've ever had because it's

[00:33] so rewarding.

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