Shift Leader

As a Shift Leader, you'll support, coach and empower your crew to bring their best. Whatever work they do. In this role, you'll help your team meet all standards and track operations. You'll reallocate resources and solve operational problems. You'll be able to grow sales and deliver an outstanding customer and employee experience. If you do this, your impact will take your restaurant forward.

Three employees in grey uniform, sitting at a table chatting in a fast-food restaurant.

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[00:01] My name is Akeem. I've worked

[00:03] at McDonald's for about five and a half years and currently a shift manager. So my

[00:06] role as a shift manager is making sure quality

[00:09] service and cleanliness are at the

[00:12] highest standards it can be while I'm in the restaurant. I'm making sure all

[00:15] the customers that I've connected on that day have had

[00:18] a great visit. So I'd say a typical day as a shift manager

[00:21] is walking in greeting all your

[00:24] staff members, then doing a store walk around.

[00:27] So you start from the outside of the restaurant you'd work

[00:30] all the way inside and making sure you always viewing it from a customers

[00:33] point of view and seeing what they want to see. I'll say

[00:37] how McDonald's has supported me. It's just they always give you the opportunity to

[00:40] develop and progress. They've got such a good training program

[00:43] to become a shift manager. There's amazing training for

[00:46] whatever you want to do McDonald's.

[00:49] So I'll say how McDonald's supported me throughout my studies

[00:52] is they're always very flexible with their approach. So at work I've received

[00:55] the employee of the year award because of all the hard work I did

[00:55] for that year and it's just nice to see that McDonald's shows like

[00:58] support and appreciates all the hard

[01:02] work you do in the restaurants. I'd say my favorite thing about working at McDonald's

[01:05] is the people that I work with like such a diverse

[01:12] and just a great bunch of

[01:15] people. It just makes the job so much easier. I think

[01:18] McDonald's has helped me to help develop as a person. It's kind of made me a lot

[01:21] more confident because obviously they've trusted me to be a shift manager

[01:24] and they've given me that sense of responsibility.

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