Experience, education and a salary: at McDonald’s, you can earn while you learn, and secure yourself a bright future career. Bringing together on-job training, our training curriculum, and a BA (Hons) Business Management Professional (Retail) degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, we’ll provide you with all the tools, training and support you need to become part of the next generation of outstanding McDonald’s managers. 


Throughout the programme, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of running a busy restaurant from managing accounts, to handling stock, to learning how to be an inspirational leader. Based at one of our restaurants, you’ll see first-hand how to get the best out of your team, and be given real managerial responsibility from the start – so you can start applying what you’ve learnt straightaway. 


Three to four times a year, you’ll study on block release at Manchester Met, learning business theory and using it to complement and enhance your on-job training. We’re always updating the course content and structure to reflect the changing business environment, making sure our managers are always ahead of the curve. If you’re interested in great experience, sponsored education and a competitive salary, scroll down to find out more.

McDonalds's Management Degree Overview

Year 1

Learning the ropes.

Your first year is a time to get to know us.

We’ll teach you the basics of working in one of our restaurants, before you move on to complete our Shift Leadership Programme which covers everything you need to know about developing and leading a team. By the end of your first year, you should have completed your L3 Hospitality Supervisor Apprenticeship, and be ready to move on to starting your degree.

Year 2

You will begin your degree with Manchester Metropolitan University in the second year of the programme, covering three modules.

Dynamic Business Context of Retail 

Explores how external forces – from technological development to changes in the economy – can help a business succeed or fail. 


Managing and Leading People

Will help you understand what being an inspiring leader is all about, from setting goals and managing performance to protecting health and safety and encouraging diversity.


Introduction to Projects & Portfolios

This unit will give you the tools to help support your skills in report writing and presentation of business findings.


You’ll learn about models and frameworks to develop your personal skills and self-awareness in relation to the business context and your role within the organisation.

Year 3

The third year of the programme covers three modules.

Customer Stakeholder Relationships

This module will bring you up to speed on the marketing and management strategies we use at McDonald’s to build and maintain our wide range of customer relationships. 


Operations Management in Retail

Is designed to give you practical understanding of retail management. You’ll look at how to increase sales through everything from promotions to store design, the idea of risk and how to manage it, and your legal obligations. 


Business Project 1

You’ll be asked to identify a business theme (with support from your manager) and construct a project in the context of McDonald’s that will help your personal and professional development, and have a real business benefit. 

Year 4

In the fourth year you'll learn the following modules.

Financial and Accounting for Managers

An introduction to accountancy in a business setting.


Sales and Marketing

An essential introduction to the principles and strategies involved in successfully running a commercial operation. 


Business Project 2

In your business project, you’ll work on a project that identifies and studies a business problem. You will critically evaluate a chosen business project topic and present your findings and recommendations to a panel of key decision-makers.

Year 5

The final year will include the following modules:

Project Management

You’ll learn about scoping, planning, monitoring and risk, including various methodologies of project management. You’ll learn how to apply this knowledge in a management context.


Strategy, Leadership and Ethics

Will teach you the importance of key strategic management concepts in business. You’ll learn more about leadership styles, and how to develop and coach teams to work towards a common goal.


Business Portfolio

You’ll capture the knowledge, skills and behaviours you’ve developed over the entire programme in your Business Portfolio. You’ll record your achievements, demonstrate the progress you’ve made, and set out your plans for the future. It’ll include all the assessments that have been made of you, and evidence of wider learning from all the modules you’ve studied.

There are few bigger brands in the world than McDonald’s. We have restaurants across the world – but we haven’t forgotten our roots as a family restaurant. That’s why we make sure to take care of our employees, with exceptional benefits and considerable opportunities for training, development and progression for everyone on our teams. On our Management Degree Apprenticeship Programme, we’ll give you all the support you need to lead one of our restaurants in the future. 

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I’ve been a Shift Manager for over a year, so I know my stuff, but there's always more to learn. I love how the job changes every day; you've got to adapt, overcome and react accordingly to your work environment. My Degree Apprenticeship at McDonald’s has given me some amazing opportunities. I've been to careers events and spoken in front of large crowds of people, which I never thought I'd be comfortable doing. I know exactly what I need to do to progress my career, and I'm so proud to have been nominated as Apprentice of the Year at an industry-recognised award ceremony!

Alex, Trainee Manager

It's a win, win situation, I'm getting to learn about Business Management, as well as going to Uni.

Alex, Trainee Manager