Opportunities at McDonald’s span a wide range of roles, not just those you see in the restaurants. Behind the scenes we’re busy sourcing ingredients, looking for the most efficient way to transport our goods, and making our business an environmentally sustainable one. In fact, we have 28 central functions based at our Head Office in London and four other regional offices. Find out more about where your skills fit in.

Areas we recruit into


In the Marketing team at McDonald’s, you’ll build upon the success of one of the biggest brands in the world. Using research to identify customer wants and needs, you’ll create world-class promotions and advertising campaigns which capture the heart and imagination of our target audience, whilst growing market share. Working with marketing agencies across all channels of marketing, you can expect to work on campaigns from initial brief through to strategy, creative development and final execution.


Finance is integral to our business, and looking after the company accounts is only the start. Our team analyse the numbers, helping us formulate our strategy and drive profitability. You’ll play an integral role in setting and analysing the progress of key business strategies. You can expect to work closely with senior management, keeping them up to speed on business performance and advising on financial planning.

Human Resources (HR)

HR is all about people: making sure they’re recruited, trained and developed, and given everything they need to perform at their peak. That includes thinking strategically about the way we organise our business and its reputation as an employer. You’ll be right at the heart of things, advising corporate department heads and line managers on all elements of people management, from learning and development to promotions. As part of our HR team, you could play a massive role in the success of the business, helping managers across the UK train their staff to the same high standards. 

Supply Chain

McDonald’s UK operates a unique, responsible and sustainable supply chain, ensuring the food safety and quality of the ingredients which make our iconic menu. It’s more than simply getting A to B; you could be part of a team that specialise in negotiations with suppliers, or manage the distribution of over 1 million cases of food to our restaurants every week. You’ll lead the business’ nutrition agenda through product reformulation and the provision of nutritional and allergen information for customers and stakeholders, and ensure that sustainability remains a key priority through recycling, energy efficiency and responsible sourcing.

New Product Development

We’re famous for our menu, but it never stands still. In Food Development, you’ll manage the launch of new food and beverage items from initial ideas to launch, right down to developing product-specific equipment. You’ll work with a team of chefs to develop food that is delicious, as well as operationally and financially viable. Yes, it’s all about having great ideas, but every new menu item and ingredient must earn its place on our much-loved menu.

Business Strategy and Insight

The best business decisions are based on in-depth insights into our own business, as well as our customers and the wider context in which we operate. As one of the people who gathers, analyses and presents that knowledge, you could develop and implement a wide range of research programmes. That means helping us understand our customers better – and learning how to delight them with new products, services and offerings.

Corporate Affairs

From recycling cooking oil and running our fleet of trucks, to supporting charities such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, our business is full of good news stories. In Corporate Affairs, you’ll make sure they’re shared, and help to build and protect the reputation of the McDonald’s brand in the UK. That means communicating confidently and effectively with external audiences such as the press, and developing programmes and campaigns around themes such as food, football, environment, people, and community.

What we look for

We look for people who embody our company values. That means putting the customer experience at the core of all we do, valuing colleagues, operating ethically and giving back to the community. And, of course, we wouldn’t be McDonald’s if we didn’t strive every day to learn, innovate and improve.

While there are entry-level positions in many of these Head Office teams, if you join at a more senior level, we’ll expect you to bring relevant skills and expertise. That way, you can start making a difference from day one.



Holiday pay


All full-time office employees will receive 25 days’ paid holiday a year.


Discounts at major high-street retailers


You’ll receive discounts at over 800 national retailers. You’ll also receive a personalised card which gives you discounts on selected McDonald’s food.


Stakeholder pension scheme


As an office employee, you’ll have the opportunity to join the stakeholder pension scheme.

icons_annual review

Performance reviews


We’ll review your performance formally every six months. Your pay will be reviewed annually based on these reviews.


Private medical care


Office employees receive private medical care, either immediately or following 6 months’ service, depending on the level of your role.


Paid sabbatical


To recognise your hard work and commitment, we will award you with up to two months’ paid sabbatical leave following every 10 years of consecutive service. 


Life assurance


Should you contribute a minimum of 3% to your pension, you will be eligible for Life Assurance cover at 4x your basic salary.


Learning and development


At McDonald’s, we believe in opportunity for everyone. If you want to learn, develop and further progress your career, we’ll give you the chance – no matter how long you’ve been with us or how many hours you work.


I worked in a McDonald’s restaurant for three years while I was studying, and a role in the Head Office was always something I always thought I’d like to try. So when I got the chance to apply for an industrial placement through uni, I took it. I was incredibly proud when I actually got the job – I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

I’m finding my placement really interesting so far. I’ve met a lot of new people and picked up some important experience. I’ll definitely feel more confident about my future when I go back to university for my final year.

Jade, HR Placement

I was offered a full-time role at McDonald’s when I finished college. I could see there was a great opportunity for me to grow and develop, plus I was having a lot of fun working there part-time already! Since then, I’ve progressed fairly quickly, and have been a Business Manager for the last six years.

In my current role, I can create a schedule that works around my life. I was able to do a degree in Business Management (McDonald’s even paid for my foundation year) and run my restaurant at the same time. I was recently offered a secondment as a People Manager, where I’ll get to coach and mentor other managers – something I’m very excited about.

Mianna, Business Manager

I didn’t go to university, so I started working at McDonald’s as soon as I finished college. I’ve picked up loads of important skills, like confidence and team work – I’m even on my way to becoming a manager. Without this job, I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I can now.

Outside of work, I’m pretty busy. I’m doing a course in fitness, so I like a challenge, and I’ve started to do obstacle courses. Recently I did a 7 ½ mile course with three mates. It was tough, but we raised a lot of money for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). It’s great to have a job where I can fit in things like that.

Alex, Trainee Manager

Working in the restaurant gives me such a buzz. It’s exciting to be able to make an impact in so many different ways – whether that’s by managing the crew, helping out at the grill or organising fun days out.

Having a balanced lifestyle is important to me, so it’s great that I can have a social life as well as a job I enjoy. I work the early shift, so I’m able to make time to go out with friends in the afternoons or just enjoy an evening to myself.

Hazran, Second Assistant

Application process


Step 1

Fill in our online application (this takes about 20 minutes) – be sure to have your CV ready!


Step 2

If we like what we read, we’ll invite you to a competency-based interview.


Step 3

We may then ask you to a second interview, possibly with an associated task to present or complete.


Step 4

If all goes well, we’ll offer you a job.

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